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Keyshake (a supporter of IDnext) will soon launch an app (Android & IOS) that will facilitate secure transactions in an accessible way for a wide audience. Keyshake distinguishes itself from other solutions by a fully decentralised design and implementation. This means that the transaction data are not compiled in any central location (not even at Keyshake). During each transaction, the data is only available to the user, the merchant involved and potentially a financial party.

Keyshake's initiators, based in the Netherlands, are convinced that - justifiable - trust, in combination with enhanced usability, can lead to an increase in the number of transactions and faster processing, fewer mistakes and an improved bottom-line.

User privacy and identity are guaranteed by the fact that no data (including metadata) are stored with parties with whom the user has not explicitly shared this data. The Keyshake app ensures that the user always connects with a trusted and certified party and that the transaction cannot be reproduced, even if its has been conducted on a public personal computer.

For further information, please contact:

anton.dreesmann@keyshake.com , frans.soentjens@keyshake.com or rutger.terborg@keyshake.com