SIDN and IDnextplatform to collaborate

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SIDN, the company behind .nl, recently joined the IDnextplatform. IDnext is an open and independent platform that supports innovative developments in the area of digital identity. The internet and digital identity are closely linked. Over the next few years, the use of and the number of users of the internet and the possibilities that the internet offers us will continue to develop rapidly. Trust in the internet is therefore crucial. IDnext and SIDN will both play important roles in the further development of the quality, safety and privacy on the internet.

Collaboration contributes to trust in the internet

Society is digitising before our very eyes and as it does so, raises a number of issues. The impact on the economy, society and our daily lives is growing and will continue to grow. Digitisation brings new opportunities every day. “As an independent expert, SIDN plays an important role in making the digital world reliable and in building confidence in it. SIDN contributes high quality service provision in innovative, secure domains and digital identities. Collaboration with the IDnextplatform complements our activities. We see important aspects in our collaboration in the areas of synergy, networks and exchange of knowledge,” says Roelof Meijer, CEO SIDN.

The role of the user on the internet is more emphatically defined

Robert Garskamp, founder of IDnextplatform, is enthusiastic about the collaboration and says that it matches the platform’s mission and the goals. “IDnext wants to emphasise users’ social role on the internet more strongly. We can do this through an intensive collaboration with SIDN. We will raise the awareness of users and develop a standard that really embeds ‘secure identity’.”