Reuse of eIDs

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Now that we have eIDAS as a European trust framework to enable citizen eID acceptance in cross-border C2G (Citizen to Government) transactions, the question pops up how these eIDs may be used for other purposes. Why not use a citizen eID for commercial transactions or for B2B activities? Or why not use commercial IDs, such as social media accounts, in this same manner, use your Facebook account to log in to a government site…?
This question is all the more pressing, because when politicians are talking about digitising their society, they point to a successful eResidency example, Estonia, where citizens can use their single eID for many purposes.
We already know that there are different legal, commercial and governance issues that play a part in the reuse business case. Legal restrictions are partly due to privacy regulations like the GDPR. Within Identity.next we will do some more research in this area to find out what benefits can be achieved, at what cost, and which restrictions apply for reusability of eIDs.
Our primary goal is to evaluate a number of EU eIDs, and we may come across some other interesting instances of eIDs that can be relevant in our quest.
If you want to participate, or if you have any experience in this area, feel free to contact