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Various payment methods, lots of login credentials, many passes and still no certainty about the security of transactions and the identities of participants? Keyshake aims to deal with all these challenges, effectively and with unrivaled ease of use.

All transactions that require each party to have an internet connection, can be created, or made much more secure and easy, by Keyshake. This is all we do. Without compromising privacy, as Keyshake is, and will remain a ‘totally-zero-knowledge’ functionality provider.

Transactions consist not only of sales or orders, but include all interactions between users and counter-parties that can be finalized, described and stored. Reservations, biddings, messages and requests for information are also transactions, even though they -usually- do not require (immediate) payment.
How does Keyshake work?
Upon installation of the Keyshake app (IOS or Android), the user stores personal data on his/her smartphone. Some data fields are common among all users, such as ‘Name’, ‘Address’ and ‘Date of Birth’, but also customized field names and content are allowed, such as ‘Collar Size’, ‘Favorite Ice Cream Flavor’ and ‘Hotel Room Preferences’.

The data entered by the user are stored in the app data space. All stored data in the app are always encrypted at rest.
And then?
After the user has entered these data, he/she is able to initiate and sign transactions, such as reservations, registrations, payments and orders, simply by scanning the Keyshake QR presented by the other party.
Keyshake will display the proposed transaction on the users’ smartphone. In some cases the user needs to validate/confirm the transaction to finalize it and add it to the transaction log. The transaction log is appended to -and always retained- in the Keyshake app’s data space.
No data can ever be transferred from the user’s app to any other party, without explicit permission from the user.

In case the user is already registered with the website visited, the QR digest is only done for the purpose of authentication.

In order to support Keyshake, a website’s owner must be approved by us first.

Advantages include:

* Registering with a webshop is no longer necessary for the user
* Finalizing a transaction requires minimal effort
* Each user is always logged in securely (multi-factor)
* Transactions are trusted and secure for all parties involved
* Conversion to a transaction, also with an unknown counter-party, is as simple as scanning a QR code. This can also be done from a newspaper, billboard or any medium you can think of.
Keyshake transactions are handled directly between a user and a verified and approved counter-party, without involvement or knowledge of any third party. Keyshake does not and cannot know which user transacts with which website, let alone be aware of the content of such transactions. Each transaction is encrypted end-to-end by unique key pairs for each user-website combination.
Secure identities
User information field content can be verified by Keyshake. This means that these data will be digitally signed, so that counter-parties can be sure that they are dealing with the user in question. Typos during registration are a thing of the past. And the user can rest easy and be sure that all counter-parties are validated by Keyshake.
All user data are stored only on the users’ smartphone. Upon installation of the Keyshake app, a master-key pair will be made by the app, with which all data on the smartphone are encrypted. A back-up to the Cloud is easily made and the data in this back-up are also always encrypted. Of course, all communications are protected by encryption, each way.
We’d love to give you more information, demos and/or answer questions you might have. Please contact us, so we can receive you in The Hague or prepare an information session on your premises.

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