idBCN wins Novay Digital Identity Award 2013

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idBCN is a digital identity system provided by the Barcelona City Council as a free public service. idBCN allows citizens to identify themselves remotely and securely to a number of digital services by means of the digital ID in their mobile phone. Currently, the services available are some of the city’s own administrative procedures. Soon it will be possible to access any kind of electronic service, either from other public administrations or from private companies. The Barcelona City Council has approved the legal framework necessary to act as a digital identity provider. The system has been extensively reviewed by the Council legal and security departments to ensure that the identification is carried on in a safe and legally acceptable way.

Maarten Wegdam, Managing Partner at Novay and chairman of the jury: “What the jury finds interesting is the combination of different innovations, the use of mobile technology, and the application to both the physical and the online world. The jury likes the fact that it is a local initiative between various public and private parties, with potential to have a short term and significant impact and to benefit the citizens.”

Two other nominees were in the race for the award. IMPRINTS is a multi-disciplinary research project at Loughborough University which focuses on acceptation of digital identity related innovations by looking at how users act and what emotions are evoked by the innovation. The other nominee was NXP: SmartTouch is a technology which makes it possible to configure an area on a smart card as a PIN entry device or a gesture area. This can be used to securely enter a PIN, bank account number or transaction amount.

Good digital identity solutions are essential enablers of digital trust. We need solutions that are easy-to-use, privacy friendly, cost efficient and secure.  This requires technological and business innovations in the world of digital identity. With this award IDentity.Next and IT research institute Novay recognize and support new innovations that shape the future of digital identities.
The jury consists out of Sander Zwienink (program manager authentication and authorization at Logius; with eRecognition Logius was last year’s winner of the award), Pernille Tranberg (Journalist, Author and Speaker at Digital-Identitet.dk), Marko van Zwam (Partner at Deloitte), Leendert Bottelberghs (Head of Business Development – Marktplaats, eBay Classifieds Group), and Maarten Wegdam (chair of the jury and managing advisor at Novay).

The award is part of the annual IDnext conference organized by the IDnext foundation which focuses on developments in digital identity. The conference invites experts, professionals and industrial parties to discuss the latest developments in the field of digital identity. More information about the award and the program is available at www.identitynext.com.

For additional information  contact Martijn Oostdijk, Novay  +31 6 514 90 113 or Caroline Spek, IDNext Association +31 631757986.