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2019 flew by! We would like to thank all our members, partners and our dedicated IDnext team who made 2019 a great year. Let me give you a glimpse of our IDnext season. And we would like to remind you that in 2020 IDnext will be celebrating its tenth anniversary.

IDnext Golf event 2019

On 14 June last, a sunny day, another edition of the IDnext golf event took place on Golfbaan Hitland in Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel.

The participants (IAM experts and professionals sharing the same hobby) were expected in the afternoon. But before it started, everyone was gathered for the IDnext meet-up to share knowledge and expertise. Koos Verhave (AMP Groep), Daan van den Eshof (Rabobank) and Maurits van Boetzelaer (Boetz) each gave a short presentation. Afterwards (and even during the presentation) lively discussions took off.
Beforehand, the participants had been allocated to the various teams, which were announced by Xavier Ruiz (our IDnext Golf pro) once the IDnext meet-up was completed.
The format was Stableford, a golf scoring system that, rather than counting the total number of strokes taken, involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole. Thus, under Stableford, the objective is to have the highest score – unlike traditional scoring methods, where the aim is to have the lowest score. Every team included players with different handicaps. For those participants that didn't have a golf ability license (GVB) yet, a clinic was organised. They were taught by a pro who gave suitable tips and tricks to learn and get started.
It was, again, a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, which did wonders for everyone’s enjoyment. Once the group photo had been taken, the first team set off, after which the other two teams went in pursuit. The Hitland course is a great course, but as early as at hole 1, many players experienced that the course is developing. The rough has become really ‘rough’, so that you need to do some serious searching if your ball ends up there. And sometimes you need to lift a duck to find your ball back.

At the start of the latter nine holes, it was not evident to everybody that it was to be a tough round. Due to the heat and drought, the ‘back nine’ can become really exerting, especially when water is in short supply – many a player had hoped to find a tap somewhere along the course where they could top up their bottles, but unfortunately Hitland lacks this facility. Just like in any real team, the members shared their drinks and food and looked for lost balls together, sometimes in vain.

Tired, but satisfied, everyone made it to the 9th hole, after which they all refreshed themselves copiously, drinking beer, soft drinks or wine and indulging in appetizers (‘bitterballs’ and such). Then, the tall stories of the day could be heard as well, and the participants showed they could laugh hard as well as play hard. Still, the question remained: who had won? The points were yet to be added up. And the winner of this year’s event turned out to be Mathijs Kempers.

After a shower or a brisk wash, the group sat down to a lovely dinner. During dinner, they soon stopped talking about golf. Their conversations focussed on frameworks, identity solutions, identity of things, security, and so on. Thus, satisfied, well-fed and new contacts richer, every participant walked back to his or her car to set off through the dark night to a well-deserved weekend. The event has given us a taste of ‘Fore’!!IDnext note:
We are looking back on a successful day. Nearly all participants gave us feedback, saying they had considered the day great fun as well as really useful. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s event. We’ll keep you posted!

IDnext event 2019

In close cooperation with SIDN, a new edition of the annual IDnext event – Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased and Europe-focused conference – took place on 25 and 26 September 2019, called “Trust in digital technology will be the Internet's next frontier”.
This time, we were back where it started (New Babylon Center, The Hague), with a varied programme spread over two days. More than 160 participants (both domestic and foreign) came together to be inspired, to network and share the developments around the subject of 'digital identity'.

What did you miss?
Worldwide experts, innovators and key players in the world of Digital Identity addressed the most relevant issues in the fields of trust frameworks, blockchain, secure internet, security, mobility, privacy, and much more – informing a highly qualified audience on the evolution of the digital identity upon which future developments will be built.
The un-conference format was also used again during this event. The strength of this format is that attendees can influence the event's agenda.
In addition, the meeting between knowledge experts, collaboration, interaction, discussion and creativity naturally results in the ability to listen and speak with experts and professionals and to participate in debates and discussions. For the Open Space format, the agenda is set on the day itself – in relation to the themes. The participants of the conference were invited to share via twitter, among others (with hashtag # idn18) with those who could not be there but were virtually present, and their tweets were used in various discussions on their opinions/views.
Robert Garskamp, the founder of the IDnext association opened the event. After a brief introduction, the event started with plenary sessions moderated by Michiel Vos.
Roelof Meijer (CEO - SIDN), Jan Middendorp (Member of the Dutch House - VVD),Rachid Guernaoui (Alderman municipality The Hague - Finance, integration and city districts) and (in a different session); Marcel Wendt  (CEO - Digidentity), as well as
Wouter Welling (Coordinating Policy Officer – Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)
presented their vision on the present and future (national) eID and trust. It was a lively debate.

After these plenary sessions, the event continued with parallel tracks on various topics:
- Are your devices talking behind your back?
- eCitizen
- Innovation is key
-The EU Digital Agenda as a strategic and Economic driver for organizations
- Social consumer
- Identity of things

Each track consisted of presentations by (mostly) well-known speakers from the Netherlands and abroad, who are working within the world of digital identity, including:
Jelte Jansen (Research engineer – SIDN Labs)
Bob Hulsebosch (Senior Advisor - InnoValor B.V.)
Dries van Bilzen  (IAM Operational Service Manager - EC)
Mark Fonds (Project Lead Digital Identity - City of Amsterdam) & Ineke van Gelder (Product Owner - City of Amsterdam)
Annet Steenbergen (Owner - Circletree, Biometric Identity Management)
Eefje van der Harst (Manager - INNOPAY)
Marten van der Velde (Director strategy & Innovation - Portbase)
Eduardo Leegwater & Joost van Dalen (Senior Developers @ Atos Blockchain Factory) and many others. The presence of speakers from Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, USA, Denmark and other countries made clear that this is an international conference.

What is Open Space?
Esther Makaay (SIDN) was the facilitator of the Open Space sessions in the afternoon of Day 1. Open Space means that a discussion and networking meeting is held without an agenda upfront. In order to establish an agenda, all attendees could present topic proposals and explain their importance in relation to the themes at the IDnext event. The chosen topics were pinned on a wall in a timetable. Ultimately, the wall was the agenda for that afternoon, and all sessions were defined. At the end, the agenda could be considered as definitive. Each of the participants could decide what session to attend. Also, there was no limit to the (minimum and maximum) number of people per session. Each session had a discussion leader and a brief report of the session was created. Afterwards, these were shared in a plenary session.

The first day ended with a closing keynote presentation by Dan Johnson [https://www.idnext.eu/en/events/annual-idnext-2019/speakers/dan-johnson/ ] (Vice President, Identity Products - Mastercard) presenting about Consumer-centric model for digital-id.  Subsequent there was a network drink (sponsored by Grabowsky) [https://grabowsky.com/] and network diner.

Identity Innovation Award

The Identity Innovation Award ceremony also took place at the end of the first day. Good digital identity solutions are essential enablers of digital trust. We need solutions that are easy-to-use, privacy-friendly, cost-efficient and secure. This requires technological and business innovations in the world of digital identity. Through this award, IDnext and EquensWorldline recognize and support new innovations that shape the future of digital identities.

The award committee consisted of Leo van Koppen, Mieke van Heeswijk, Mike Jones, Liesbeth van Zoonen and Bharadwaj Pulugundla. Winner of the Identity innovation award was Iovation. Iovation safeguards tens of millions of digital transactions a day, with the world’s largest and most precise database of device reputation insights and cryptographically secure multifactor authentication methods.
Liesbeth van Zoonen, chairman of the jury: “The proposed solution of device authentication is a simple and straightforward one that has two major advantages: it takes the authentication burden off individual users, which will be especially helpful for the growing number of digitally and socially vulnerable people; it also seems resilient to future developments, especially those of the IoT which already has massive security and privacy issues.

Other nominees that were in the race for the identity innovation award 2019 were Schluss and ID4ME were the other nominees for the identity innovation award 2019. Schluss realises a personal independent digital vault that replaces the majority of personal data storage at organisations, companies and others. This storage is bound by rules that are enforced digitally. This gives the user the assurance that data is not being misused, while organisations can be assured of access to data to perform their task. ID4me is the Single Sign-On standard that allows users to access multiple sites with a single credential, and enables online providers to remove friction from on-boarding new customers
On day two, there was another full programme with a wide range of topics. The day began with two plenary sessions divided into keynote presentations by
Vincent Jansen (Partner - Innopay),
Laura Koetzle (VP and Group Director - Forrester),
Jan Winus van Roode (Innovation manager - Nsecure) and
Arnold Kok  (Product manager - DCC Nederland BV).
The sessions were moderated by Jacoba Sieders AB member of IDnext.
After lunch, multiple breakout sessions were held – a fitting conclusion of yet another high-quality IDnext event.During the annual IDnext event, it was announced that Jaap Kuipers has been rewarded with the IDnext Lifetime Achievement Award.

IDnext Advisory Board

We are also pleased to announce that our Advisory Board has extended its presence with another year. As IDnextplatform continues to grow, the IDnext Advisory Board fulfills a vital function by providing it with strategic advice. We welcome our new members, who have won their spurs in this field, and we appreciate that they are willing to share their experience and knowledge with IDnextplatform

Furthermore, let’s not forget the contributions of all IDnext adepts in our periodical IDnext newsletters and the cooperation with all our partners.
As you know, IDnext is a membership organisation. Even though you can participate without becoming a member, by joining our platform you help enable IDnextplatform to engage in (innovative) project programmes, business development and other type of activities (e.g. events, master classes and workshops) to strengthen our mission in the world of Digital Identity.

IDnext is looking forward to 2020, and it will be a special year. IDnextplatform will celebrate its 10th anniversary. I am looking forward to meeting you at one of our (partner) events.

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is having your whole family by your side to celebrate it with you. May 2020 be even more promising than the year before. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

Robert Garskamp