Anonymous but still well-known – digital identities under control’.

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We are happy to invite you for the next IDnext Meetup organised in close collaboration with Capgemini, which will take place on 10 December at 12:30 till 17:30 in Utrecht.The theme of this Meetup is ‘Anonymous but still well-known – digital identities under control’.

More and more, digital identities are the subject of debate, where privacy is the main, but not the only, issue. There are methods that give users firm control of their own identity, but are they actually anonymous? There is a patented solution that enables anonymity, which will be presented during the Meetup. Another topic is how digital identities can be realised on the Blockchain; a response is provided by means of the Self Sovereign Identity Framework. Then eIDAS (a regulation through which the European Member States have committed to use the same concepts, agreements and infrastructure for access to online services) has been in force for over a year; it is time to share the first user experiences.

Through this Meetup, IDnext and Capgemini will provide a platform for public and private organisations to discuss these topics, taking into account the importance and the privacy of digital identity, raising (digital) awareness and this the interests from various perspectives.

Be inspired by renowned speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise with you. IDnext and Capgemini likewise support innovative developments in the field of digital identity. That is why we will give various innovative parties the opportunity to pitch their ideas and products and share them with you. And of course there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

This afternoon you may expect presentation by, among others:
- Esther Makaay (SIDN): one year after eIDAS GO-LIVE, what is the current state?
- Pieter Verhagen & Oskar van Deventer (TNO) : Experiences with two Identity solutions on the ‘blockchain Self Sovereign Identity Framework using blockchain’. Including European implementations.
- Bert Heijnen (ABN AMRO): The Personal Communication Channel used in practice.
- Jan de Blaey (Capgemini): Usage of Identity as a service, what is the added value  for organisations?
- Jeroen Naves (Pels Rijcken) : The legal role of identities in a smart contract.

Subsequent to the Meetup, the IDnext end of year reception for our Partners will take place. Of course, participants of the Meetup are more than welcome here.

Please, let us know if you are interested in attending the IDnext Meetup. You can register through this link.
What is Cap Gemini?
Transferring money, checking product availability in a shop or monitoring your parcel. Unawareness you have regularly had to do with Capgemini in many different ways. Together with our commissioning partners we create business & IT solutions that fit in with customer needs, generate concrete results as well as improve their competitive position. Thus, our experts make a really impactful contribution to the daily lives of our commissioning partners and their customers.
Further information can be found on the website of Cap Gemini.

Capgemini Netherlands, Reykjavikplein 1,543 KA Utrecht. Directions

There is plenty of parking space underneath the Capgemini building (Reykjavikstraat entrance). If you intend to travel by car, please notify Susanne Majoor through susanne@idnext.eu so that a parking spot can be reserved for you.
The Capgemini office is next to Utrecht Leidsche Rijn train station and thus is easily accessible by public transport.
Any questions? You can contact us through susanne@idnext.eu. All questions will be answered as soon as possible.

We hope we may welcome you on 10 December.