Trends 2017

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  Technology will play an increasingly important role in society – these are often positive developments that make life easier and more pleasant, but also they render it less secure – and don’t we unwittingly cross ethical boundaries that we’d have preferred to avoid if we’d understand the consequences of those developments better? 

These questions become more important in an increasingly digital world. All technological developments have their pros and cons. In this period of contemplation, it is recommended that we think about what these developments mean to us and how we can deal with them in a mature way. 

Let us give you a number a developments that we foresee for 2017!

API and robots will drive the business. 

In 2017, API and robots will increasingly get the upper hand and take a new step towards further robotisation of our society.

More and more organisations transform into digital organisations. Banks are a case in point. Robotisation will cause great unrest in the marketplace. Which jobs are at risk of becoming obsolete as a result of robotisation? In the short term, this does not only entail threats but offers opportunities as well. 

In the coming period, we’ll see many new technological possibilities arising from robotisation, and in 2017, this will involve more jobs as well. For APIs play an important role in this respect too, thanks to the interoperability of systems, devices and everything that can be connected.

To take this step, companies will increasingly make use of APIs. More and more technological organisations come into existence offering new services by means of APIs. Thanks to these APIs, organisations acquire functionalities they don’t need to develop for themselves. FinTech industry is a fine example. Since FinTech companies, such as banks, supply services in the field of transactions, these companies put pressure on the financial world. 

APIs have been developed and will be refined, giving an increasingly important role to robotisation. As a result, new industries will arise, creating new jobs. With respect to these developments, 2017 will prove to be a tipping point.

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